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Industrial electromagnetic flow meter is a commonly used flow measuring instrument. The structure of electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measuring tube, electrode, shell, lining and converter.
The industrial electromagnetic flow meter can only be used to measure some conductive liquids or slurries. For example, using polytrifluoroethylene or polytetrafluoroethylene as the inner lining can measure various corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, and salts; using wear-resistant rubber as the inner lining is particularly suitable for measuring wear and tear with solid particles Larger slurry, cement slurry and other liquids.
With the continuous development and progress of modern industry, The industrial electromagnetic flow meter is more and more widely used in petrochemical, papermaking, metallurgy, environmental protection, food and other industries, and the industrial electromagnetic flow meterare used for fluid monitoring of complex industrial piping systems, real-time monitoring of the raw materials and finished products of the system, and providing a basis for automatic control of the system, etc.
Main Features
鈽?The measuring channel is a smooth straight tube and will not be blocked.
鈽?It is suitable for measuring liquid-solid two-phase fluids containing solid particles, such as paper pulp, mud, sewage, etc.
鈽?There is no pressure loss caused by flow detection, and the energy saving effect is good.
鈽?The measured volume flow is actually not significantly affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.
鈽?Large flow range and wide caliber range.
鈽?Corrosive fluids can be used.
Main UnitPower SupplyAC85~250V, DC20V~36V
Accuracy卤0.5% of reading,卤0.3% and
卤0.2% optional,velocity >0.3 m/s
ConductivityNormal liquid >5 渭S/cm, DI water >20 渭S/cm.
Relative Humidity5%~90%
DisplayLC Display,128X128mm
Velocity0.2-11 m/s
Protection Grade
Frequency output:0-1kHz.
Signal Output4~20 mA, pulse, RS-485
Protection GradeIP65 Compact, IP68 Seperated
Power Consumption<15W
Process connectionFlange Mounting
Flange Material: Carbon Steel (standard)
Stainless Steel 304 (optional)
Stainless Steel 316 (optional)
Ambient TemperatureAmbient Temperature:-20鈩儈60鈩?/p>
Medium temperature: 25-180 鈩?/p>
Relative Humidity5%~90%
Measuring TubeCarbon Steel 锛孲tainless Steel 304
Straight PipeInlet Path 鈮?10D, Outlet Path 鈮?5D
ElectrodeSS316L, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Titanium,Tantalum, Platinoiridium
Liner MaterialPTFE (-20鈩儈120鈩? DN15-DN1600)
PFA (-20鈩儈120鈩? DN3-DN800)
F46/FEP (-20鈩儈120鈩? DN25-DN1800)
Neoprene (-10鈩?~ 80鈩? DN40-DN2200 )
Polyurethane(PU) (-10鈩儈60鈩? DN40-DN1600)
Process Pressure4.0 MPa (DN3-DN150)
1.6 MPa (DN200-DN600)
1.0 MPa (DN700-DN1000)
0.6 MPa (DN1200-DN2200)
鈼廇pplications of Electrode
Electrode MaterialApplications
Stainless SteelApplicable in water, sewage and corrosive mediums. It is widely used in industries of petrol, chemistry, carbamide, etc.
Hastelloy B (HB)
Hastelloy C (HC)It is not only having strong resistance to hydrochloric acid of any consistance which is below bioling piont, and also resistable against vitriol, phosphate, hydrofluoricacid, organic acid etc which are oxidable acid, alkali and non-oxidable salt.
TitaniumApplicable in seawater,and kinds of chloride,hypochlorite salt,oxidable acid (including fuming nitric acid),organic acid,alkali etc.
TantalumIt almost is applicable to all chemical mediums.
Except for hydrofluoric acid, oleum and alkali.
Platinum-iridiumAlmost be applicable in all chemical mediums except for ammonium salt.
鈼?Models Selection
Product TypeSizeCombinationElectrode MaterialOutputLiningLocalCommunicationMaximum Flow
(mm)S- Integrated
L-split type
D-Battery typeM-MO2Ti
T- (titanium)
P-Pt (platinum)0-No Output
X- Rubber
F- PTEF (polytetrafluoro
P- Polytene
J- Polyurethane rubbere0- No Grounding ring
1- With grounding ring
2- With Grounded electrode0-no communication
鈼廎low range selection
Maximum and minimum traffic must meet the parameters in the following list.
Qman(m3/h)42400513006100083121108566137404169635205258Flow Meter suppliers

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